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Guest Post: Interview with Nohora Smith, Founder of My Colombian Cocina

Guest Post by Will Castillo Swiss author, Friedrich Durrenmatt once said: “The art of the cuisine, when fully mastered, is the one human capability of which only good things can be said.” In my opinion, this quote could not be any more … Continue reading

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La Fama: Smoky southern barbecue a la Colombiana

Address: Calle 65 Bis # 4-85 (between 4th and 5th streets), Bogotá  Reservations: 644.7766 It seems that Bogotá is currently swimming in a sea of North American-inspired food trends. At least a handful of new hamburger joints seem to pop … Continue reading

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Slow Food Bogotá – The Yuca Event

So, I went to a Slow Food Bogotá event back in November of 2012 and I’m just posting it now…no, this is not an April Fools joke. It actually took me nearly 5 months to post this…yeah, I know. Anyways, … Continue reading

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Ají: Colombia’s answer to hot sauce

Colombian food is not spicy and aside from a handful of Colombians I know, most aren’t particularly fond of very spicy food. Regardless, this thing we call ají is by far one of Colombia’s most popular condiments and, as its name … Continue reading

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Guama – A sweet pod with a fun seed

Guama (Inga feuilleei) is a rather peculiar “fruit” that can sometimes be found on carts around Bogotá. I had never tried it but always heard about it because of a Colombian saying that goes, “salió como pepa de guama“. The seeds are a … Continue reading

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Colombian Fruit Juices – A Love Story

Guest post by Drew Sullivan of Mantaraya Colombia Travel Blog When it comes to lubricating a dry throat, freshly squeezed fruit juice is as good as it gets. The sweet, natural, aromatic flavors of fresh fruit trample over that of soft … Continue reading

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Panela: in sickness and in health

Thanks to the wonky weather we’ve been having lately, it seems like everyone is getting sick. It’s been a few weeks since I recovered from my scratchy throat and overall malaise but it was enought to knock me off my … Continue reading

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Fusión Colombia: An Opportunity for a Better Tomorrow

Article from USAIDs “Additional Investment for Sustainable Alternative Development (MIDAS)” Program Thanks to the work carried out by communities supported by USAID-UNODC-AS, Bogotá’s business sector was introduced to the quality of Alternative Development products during the Fusión Colombia event held earlier this year … Continue reading

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Fruit Stands on the Road

This beautiful fruit stand is one of many on the road from Bogotá to Anapoima (via Girardot). It’s definitely a favorite stop on the way back home to the city to bring something more tropical to the chilly plateau. Bananas, … Continue reading

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The Black Bean Fiasco

The day before yesterday I decided I would make black beans. Why not? I love black beans! My mother, on the other hand, could think of a reason why not. “You don’t have a pressure cooker. Those beans will never … Continue reading

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