Tamal Tolimense at La Puerta Falsa, La Candelaria, Bogotá

Tamal Tolimense at La Puerta Falsa, La Candelaria, Bogotá

Bogotá Eats & Drinks was born in 2008 as a side project intended to document the food I ate in and around the city when I came to live here again after 13 years. The blog has since grown into an important resource for food lovers and travellers to Colombia.

Over the years I’ve seen the food scene grow and, although it isn’t perfect, Bogotá is already considered an important culinary destination in the region. Between well-prepared international cuisine and the delicious local cuisine rich in history and tradition, there is always something worth eating along the way.

At Bogotá Eats & Drinks we hope to give you some insight on where to eat in Bogotá, a bit of culinary history, and other tidbits of useful information for visitors and locals alike.

Buen provecho,

Bogotá Eats & Drinks

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  1. Toby de Lys says:

    Hi there! I think that it is time that we connected. We love your blog; and we have the most viewed website in the world about Bogota: http://www.bogotabrilliance.co , but no less important, we are passionate about gastronomy. Please write us directly at: contact@bogotabrilliance.co

    Thank you!

    Toby de Lys
    Executive Director

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